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    Sholom Aleichem!

    [Sholom Aleichem]

    (above: the writer Sholom Aleichem)

    12 Iyar 5756 / 1 May 1996 sholem aleykhem leyent for! tsum 80tn yortsayt funem grestn yidishn shrayber fun ale yidishe shraybers presentirn mir dem zeltenem rekordirtn klang funem mekhaber aleyn, forleyendik fun zayn mayses "ven ikh bin rotshild" un "a freylekher yontev", fun a disk vos er hot rekordirt in nyu york shpet in lebn, vos ligt in di arkhivn fun YIVO. oykh musik un mayses geshribn fun im oder basirt af zayn verk / In honor of the 80th year since the passing of the greatest of all Yiddish writers, we present the rare recorded sound of the author himself, reading from his stories "If I Were Rothschild [a rich man]" and "A Happy Holiday", from a record he recorded late in his life, which is now part of the YIVO Sound Archive. Also, we present music and stories written by him or based on his work.

    Sholom Aleichem reads out loud!

    Click on the above link to hear the voice of Sholom Aleichem reading.

    You can also hear an introduction by Henry Sapoznik, founder and former head of the YIVO Sound Archive, from his May, 1991, Forward Hour (Forverts Sho) radio broadcast.

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    "There's a big difference between `dead' and `dying'." -- Isaac Bashevis Singer


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